[web-team]Sill want to be on the web-team list?

Heather star at starshine.org
Fri Nov 17 15:34:16 PST 2000

> I sent the following to the officers list.
> The same applies to this list, please Email me back if you'd like to remain
> on the web-team.
> As for  the mailing list issue,  members of the  web team will only  need to
> moderate the  very few messages that  are sent to web-team  or webmaster.
> (Heather doesn't  need to answer, she's  already told me that  she'd like to
> continue to help, thanks Heather. I also  have to find that new volunteer we
> got and whose Email I sent to the officers list. Heather, I think you wanted
> to contact him. Did you get to do that?)
> Thanks,
> Marc

I have been quite busy with Loscon committee stuff and have not had a chance
to do that.  You can contact him instead, or you can send me a reminder note
with just his info.  If he has a number, it'd be nice to know if it's a day
or a night number.

* Heather

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