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Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Fri Nov 17 16:09:23 PST 2000

I sent the following to the officers list.
The same applies to this list, please Email me back if you'd like to remain
on the web-team.

As for  the mailing list issue,  members of the  web team will only  need to
moderate the  very few messages that  are sent to web-team  or webmaster.

(Heather doesn't  need to answer, she's  already told me that  she'd like to
continue to help, thanks Heather. I also  have to find that new volunteer we
got and whose Email I sent to the officers list. Heather, I think you wanted
to contact him. Did you get to do that?)


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So, I vouched that we'd be more responsive to mailing lists requests.
Michael is the box and list admin, but he's not always around. For instance,
this week, he's been gone and not seen any of his Email.

The same happens to  me frequently too (not being gone,  but not seeing some
of my personal mail for weeks).

Luckily, I've been able to be on top of those mails this week.

So, the new rule is that everyone on the officers list will be subscribed to
the svlug admin alias, and will be  expected to help out with users requests
so that we can share the load a bit and be more responsive.

Before doing that, I'd just like to  check who is still reading mail on this
list and who would like to remain on it.
You do  not have to tell  me why you'd like  to stay, a simple  Email saying
that you'd  still like  to be  here and  that you  don't mind  receiving the
mailman admin messages and helping out with them will be enough.

You do need to Email me back though because if you don't, I will assume that
you are  not reading mail from  this list anymore and  I'll unsubscribe your
address. The  idea is  to be  able  to depend  on whoever  is subscribed  to
actually read the mail and respond if needed :-)
I will do the same with the web-team list.

Don  and  Tom,  having   responsiblities  within  SVLUG,  are  automatically
considered 'in' :-)
Other volunteers, not being elected, are  free to use this time of elections
to step out if you feel you've become  too busy too help (like Sam and Amy).
You'll be suitably thanked  for your help and we'll know that  we may need a
new volunteer to help out.
(don't think  I'm kicking  anyone out, I'm  not, I just  like to  know who's
still "active" and has time to help)

Thanks in advance,
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