[web-team]feedback from SVLUG website

Heather star at starshine.org
Fri Nov 17 10:22:25 PST 2000

> FYI:  McNealy vs. IBM on Linux
> http://www.silicon.com/public/door?REQUNIQ=973109946&6004REQEVENT=&REQINT1=40546&REQSTR1=newsnow
> Mark Plimley

Thanks for your URL, however, we're not a news organization.  All our 
headlines are fetched from the more usual news sites via a script.  So,
when it shows up on those, our visitors will see it anyway.

We're all volunteers, we'd be a bit overloaded if we had to screen a lot
of temporary URLs.  Long term resources though, can go into our link farm.

-* Heather Stern * Web Content Coordinator * SVLUG *-

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