[web-team]Re: [svlug] Vote for SVLGU president.

bgallowa at wso.williams.edu bgallowa at wso.williams.edu
Fri Nov 10 15:43:02 PST 2000

Bug report on the SVLUG prez vote CGI --

I voted using the email address bgallowa at wso.williams.edu.  The response:

    Bogus Domain in E-mail Address
     An error has occurred in the voting software. 
    That e-mail address appears to have a non-existent domain.
    A domain search found no mail exchanger record.
    Reason: NOERROR

wso.williams.edu certainly exists, since I have been getting mail there
for years.  Should I try again later, or did the vote go through?

Don't make me file a lawsuit... :)

Bob Galloway                  "It's clearly a budget.
D7E6 4CBE 5839 9EDE 9311       It's got a lot of numbers in it."
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