[web-team]Re: [svlug] Subscriber stats?

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Tue Nov 7 10:20:29 PST 2000

>From: Marc MERLIN <marc_news at valinux.com>
>On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 12:25:43AM -0500, Bill Jonas wrote:
>> I remember the old mailing list page had a list of stats telling how many
>> subscribers received the lists and also had numbers broken out by TLDs.
>> This appears to be missing now; at least, I didn't see it in any obvious
>> places.  Is this still around?  If so, where?  If not, are there any plans
>> to bring it back?  (I want to find out how many people I annoy when I post.
>No, the page is gone because it  relied on stats from egroups I believe, and
>egroups kept  changing their web page  format, which broke the  script every
>The web team would know more than me on this.
>That said, I can give you this:
>svlug:/var/local/mailman/bin# ( ./list_members svlug; ./list_members svlug-announce) | sort -u | wc -l
>   1230
>svlug:/var/local/mailman/bin# ./list_members svlug | wc -l
>    643
>svlug:/var/local/mailman/bin# ./list_members svlug-announce | wc -l
>    796
>Yes, this could run from a cron job and be displayed on some web page :-)

That's exactly how it was done before.

When the mail lists were switched to MailMan, they deleted the web directory
with Majordomo stuff, even though some of it wasn't necessarily dependent
on Majordomo.  That page is apparently gone now.

However, the script which generated the actual table is from my Perl5
WebFetch::ListSubs module.  (See http://www.webfetch.org/ or any CPAN
mirror.)  It would have to be modified to work with MailMan.  Such changes
would be accepted if submitted but I don't have time to offer to do it
right now.
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