[web-team]broken dns

Michael michael at valinux.com
Wed May 31 13:35:35 PDT 2000

dear web-team,
it has come to my attention that some folks out in the world have been getting the wrong address 
out of dns for svlug.org.  this has been worked around (for now) by assigning all possible svlug
ip addresses to the new box.
unfortunatly if you made changes reciently, and you were one of the victims of bad dns, your 
changes may not be currently visible.  please check your work for recient changes (after doing a 
sorry for the inconvience.



p.s. if you need to grab files off of the old box that you don't have anywhere else, let me know,
I'm trying to get a temporary ip address for that box just for that purpose. 

Ready-For-The-Desktop \Read'y'for'the'desk'top\ adj.
1. capable of natively running MS Office or any arbitrarily selected 
   program. [syn: {Windows}, {MacOS}]          
2. never presents the user with anything that appears non-gui or 
   requires typing.  "Linux is not Ready-For-The-Desktop." 

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