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Heather star at betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon May 22 08:50:15 PDT 2000

> Hi guys,
> Can the site be updated please before I get another annoying email from
> Derek B? Let me know when you get this. If I need to do it let me know.
>  Chris

As of this weekend, my pals tell me:
	1) www.svlug.org still "sporadically" points at either one or
		the other site

Specific problems include that on the "new" system the symlink for the 
misspelled URL for building J  (...-j.html, ...-J.html) doesn't exist.
The repair also doesn't exist.  Result "it re-broke"

Numerous small fixes have been applied over the weeks since the system
move was first planned and I have no particular desire to chase them
all down.  Michael or somebody with FULL admin control at both hosts needs
to do an rsync pull.

You need to inform your secondary DNS' what to make their change to.  I'll
doublecheck on SVLUG.COM (since I took the responsibility for seeing Sam
fix that, all those ages ago) - but I can't if I don't know what it's 
-supposed- to look like, whereas starshine.org's path only sees one server...

Thus, while we're checking on busted fragments will someone please also
check that installfest.org and SVCS' subsites are not similarly broken or

Final:  yes, go ahead and make the fix.  Please make the WHOLE fix, or you
will probably suffer his abuse even though you are doing the right thing.

I will be busy with the combination of Answer Guy and BayCon prep this month.
I repeat that I never really intended "content coordinator" to imply that I'm
the only one who posts anything, so if you're trying to do something right,
I'm appalled you feel you have to ask.  This is why we have RCS after all,
so if we're too fast on the draw we can rollback.  So use RCS and you'll
be fine.

If you page me (800 938 4078) I will do something right away.  Otherwise I
fully deputize this team to do the content tweaking this time around.  Thx!

-* Heather * Content Coordinator *-

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