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Just for info

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On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 06:33:05PM -0800, Ian Kluft wrote:
> >From: "Robert J. McMahon" <rjmcmahon at capacitive.net>
> >What's the name of the conference room in J?
> In Bldg J, it's the "Gateway Conference Center".  I noticed the web site
> was changed for the building name and directions link, but they left the 

I'll be the one to blame here :-)
> "Vineyards Conference Center" in the text, which is actually the name of
> the conference center in Bldg 9.

Darn, I forgot that one (I got 3 right, and messed up the 4th one)

> Anyway, I wonder how Marc was planning to post directions to Bldg J with
> any useful info on it...  

This was kind of a "oh shit" thing, done a bit quickly from work while I had
other  fires to  play with. Basically  I  got confirmation  of the  building
change this morning...

> I updated  those directions  earlier this  year and  then my  changes were
> undone when SVLUG  moved its web server. 

While I didn't  do the move myself,  my understanding is that  the whole web
tree  was moved,  but some  web page  changes have  misteriously disappeared
apprently due to some people making  mistakes with RCS (I know you obviously
know how it works since you set it up)

> (I told  the web-team about it.)

I know, we haven't been always very  good with web requests, it came down to
one volunteer left (Heather). Our biggest  problem was having lots of people
on the web team list, but most of them didn't have the time to help anymore.
We've tried  to address that by  updating the membership and  bringing a new
web volunteer aboard (Winston Lei)
I am now reading the web list  in addition to the mailman and list requests,
and I'm doing my best so that every mail gets answered and acted on.

> Even though  no one had contacted  me, I'm updating them  again right now.
> (It was  so old  it still had  warnings about the  light rail  closure for
> construction from 1999.)

Thank you  Ian, I appreciate it. Just  for the record, I  wouldn't have been
shy about asking  but I did the  changes in a hurry and  didn't even realize
that  the page  was so  old. For  that matter,  there  may be  a newer  page
somewhere in the tree  and I linked to the wrong one  (Heather was without a
net connection  today, so  I tried to  fill in for  her) 
Anyway, thanks for stepping in again, and fixing this.

> I'll send a message to this list when the Bldg J directions are up-to-date
> again.  There's been a lot of road and rail construction in the area since
> early 1999 when the previous directions went up.

Sorry that you have to do this again, and thank you.

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