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Marc Merlin marc at merlins.org
Sat Aug 26 13:20:19 PDT 2000

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On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 10:53:47AM -0700, Bobby Wen wrote:
> Hi Marc,
I know it took me 20 days to answer, I'm really sorry about that, I'm just
now going through my Email backlog...
> This is Bobby Wen, I has spoken with you at the last SVLUG meeting and 
> wanted to contribute to the organization.  You mentioned that it would be 
> better if i came up with suggestions on things i would be interested in 
> working on for SVLUG.

Yes, I do remember.

> What i would like to do is to create a SIG dedicated to Intrusion detection 
> and recovery, a volunteer service aimed at non-profit Linux based community 
> servers, in the event they do have an intrusion.
> I have worked with the Philippines Computer Emergency Response Team 
> (PH-CERT) and have tried to form Incident Response Teams (IRTs) in the 
> past.  I am hoping with SVLUG's membership and the awareness that is 
> already out-there i will have better success this time.

It  doesn't sound  like a  bad idea. What  I recommend  is that  you send  a
proposal  about your  group to  the main  list,  and we  can let  you do  an
announcement at the next meeting.
Then, you should probably talk to the people who showed interest and decide
whether you'd just like a mailing list or you'd also like to meet, in which
case you guys can come up with a meeting location and a date.

We  can host  a mailing  list for  you if  you wish  (like idr at svlug.org  or
something like that)

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