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Bobby Wen wen at vasia.com
Mon Aug 7 10:53:47 PDT 2000

Hi Marc,

This is Bobby Wen, I has spoken with you at the last SVLUG meeting and 
wanted to contribute to the organization.  You mentioned that it would be 
better if i came up with suggestions on things i would be interested in 
working on for SVLUG.

At first i though of adding discussion to the SVLUG web site, using 
phpforum.  Then, i realized what i really wanted to do is create a special 
interest group for my special interest: intrusion detection and recovery.

I recently wrote an article on open source intrusion detection tools, and 
hope to have it published in Linux Journal.  They have assigned me an 
article number and asked me for a photo and bio, but i have yet to see 
anything about it in print.

What i would like to do is to create a SIG dedicated to Intrusion detection 
and recovery, a volunteer service aimed at non-profit Linux based community 
servers, in the event they do have an intrusion.

I have worked with the Philippines Computer Emergency Response Team 
(PH-CERT) and have tried to form Incident Response Teams (IRTs) in the 
past.  I am hoping with SVLUG's membership and the awareness that is 
already out-there i will have better success this time.

Let me know what you think.

				Bobby Wen
				wen at vasia.com
				(650) 343-5825

cc:webmaster at svlug.org

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