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Sat Aug 5 00:11:12 PDT 2000

Good Evening,
I have just seen on the TV news some of the problems you are having in 
Silicon Valley, with power failures, rents etc.

As we know the Internet has made location and age irrelevant.

You can get the office rentals and wage rates of your town, here for a 
currency differential ( NZ$1.00= US$0.46C) for about half what it is 
costing you now.

In other words without making "one" person redundant you can out maneuver 
the opposition.

A house in the best part of town will cost you less than US$200,000, you 
can be at your holiday home at the lakes or ski fields within two hours on 
a friday.(incidentally we all go home for lunch)

Have a look at the web sire in my signature file.

I'll be very happy to help you find a new life, after all we have as much 
land as North Carolina and 1/5th of the people.
Kind Regards,
Lou Harrison-Smith
Golf: Southland's Great Experience.
Ph 64-3-218-8176, Fax 64-3-218-1176
PO Box 235, Invercargill, New Zealand.
Follow your Dream.

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