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Fri Aug 4 16:09:51 PDT 2000

You should download bg4.gif and see how very wide it is :-)

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On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Ian Dunn wrote:

> Hi, I found SVLUG.org while looking for a program to import Slashdot
> headlines (nice site BTW), and I was wondering how you got bg4.gif to
> not tile. I know it's large, but I've got 1280x1024 resolution, and I
> streched the browser window much more than that, and it still didn't
> tile, and I was hoping you could tell me how you did that. I looked in
> the source for an attribute of the Body tag for that, but there isn't
> one. I looked around the net for a complete list of HTML tags and
> attributes but didn't find it either, so I though I'd send you a quick
> email.  I'm trying to do a similar thing on dayton2600.org. (With the
> background image having the partial circle cut out, etc).
> Thanks,
> ian
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