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Chris J. DiBona chris at dibona.com
Tue Aug 1 15:51:05 PDT 2000

I don't know if this is the right time, but I think that while heather and
lisa have been very helpful in the past, it's not clear to me that
currently that either of them have the time to do anyhting, I'd like to
take them out of the loop. It seems that the website can exist fine with
just amy handling it.

So there you go. I'd love to here what people think, but I really think
that I have to just make this decision, so I am.

I don't want people to see this as me saying that I blame anyone, I don't.
I understand everyone is busy, but the site must be updated and amy seems
to be the one doing it and lisa and heather have been to busy. So thanks
guys, I really do appreciate it, but it's time to fix this problem. 


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On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Amy wrote:

> The website is now current.  I asked for this information on Thursday and
> would have happily updated the website Thursday.  I did not get the
> information I was looking for until Sam's announcement today.
> I want it to be very clear that the website was updated within a few hours
> of my receiving the right info.  I do not want to hear any of you bitching
> that the site had the wrong info.  I asked for it as soon as I was
> aware that there was a problem.  Furthermore, since there seemed to be 
> disagreement about what *was* the correct info, I asked for
> clarification before posting more misinformation.  
> I'm not blaming anyone in particular here or saying anyone is bad.  I'm
> just absolving myself of blame and pointing out a problem with
> responsiveness.  We all have busy lives, myself included.
> Ames
> On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Amy wrote:
> > Hi Sam, et al.
> > 
> > The love shared between the officers of this group is
> > astounding...  Anyway, I've deleted without reading 90% of the flames that
> > ensued this afternoon.  After all that "love" shared, I am not totally
> > sure what ended up being the details for the event.
> > 
> > I am going to make sure the website is correct.  Without arguing or
> > flaming from anyone, I'd like to know:
> > 
> > 	1.  Exactly who is speaking?
> > 	2.  Exactly what are they speaking about?
> > 	3.  Is it the vinyards or the gateway conference room?
> > 
> > Whatever Sam tells me is what I'm posting.  And unless the speaker dies, I
> > am not changing it again.  If you can let me know right away, it would be
> > super cool!
> > 
> > Thanks!  :)
> > 
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