[web-team]Re: next weeks meeting

Amy amy at iconoclast.net
Tue Aug 1 13:34:29 PDT 2000

The website is now current.  I asked for this information on Thursday and
would have happily updated the website Thursday.  I did not get the
information I was looking for until Sam's announcement today.

I want it to be very clear that the website was updated within a few hours
of my receiving the right info.  I do not want to hear any of you bitching
that the site had the wrong info.  I asked for it as soon as I was
aware that there was a problem.  Furthermore, since there seemed to be 
disagreement about what *was* the correct info, I asked for
clarification before posting more misinformation.  

I'm not blaming anyone in particular here or saying anyone is bad.  I'm
just absolving myself of blame and pointing out a problem with
responsiveness.  We all have busy lives, myself included.


On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Amy wrote:

> Hi Sam, et al.
> The love shared between the officers of this group is
> astounding...  Anyway, I've deleted without reading 90% of the flames that
> ensued this afternoon.  After all that "love" shared, I am not totally
> sure what ended up being the details for the event.
> I am going to make sure the website is correct.  Without arguing or
> flaming from anyone, I'd like to know:
> 	1.  Exactly who is speaking?
> 	2.  Exactly what are they speaking about?
> 	3.  Is it the vinyards or the gateway conference room?
> Whatever Sam tells me is what I'm posting.  And unless the speaker dies, I
> am not changing it again.  If you can let me know right away, it would be
> super cool!
> Thanks!  :)
> --Ames
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