[sf-lug] Meeting notice lately at Distrowatch and Linux Update newsletter

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Sat Feb 4 21:01:15 PST 2023

tom r lopes wrote on 04/02/2023 14.22:

> But I think there should be some rules for a hybrid meeting. [...]
> microphone need muted or set to "push to talk".
Agreed, that's a good guideline for most online meetings - when 
possible, if not preparing to speak, then mute.

And in hybrid meetings, it's also good to leave video feeds off. The 
connection at the meeting place is often sub-optimal, so it reduces 
bandwidth requirements and helps with audio issues when there's no video 

Just my 2¢ CAD (½¢ USD).

Lookin' forward to chatting tomorrow.


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