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Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Jan 1 20:45:49 PST 2023

Hi LUGers,

Happy New Year in 2023

Meeting notes from Sunday, 1 January 2023

Ronald B. arrived first but left machine, has problems with Neon.
His KDE desktop disappeared.  He is trying to recover and sharing
the screen of his apt commands.  I think he had gotten most of it
back by 1:05 PM but was trying for perfection as he had many shortcuts
and customizations.  This showed up as a problems with the Python

I came in about 10:55  no problems with sound.

Ken showed up about 11:00, no problems.  He was
the main person to try to help Ron with his problem.
Ken left about 12:30

Aaron, no camera, Sound ok and showing us a screen
on which he appears to be searching for 32 bit distros.

Victor - Problems with Mint 19 on a 32 bit machine.   He is
using an older distribution and it is suggested that he try
a newer machine if he wants to get the latest versions of
tools like Firefox and to be able to view various media
online.   That sounds cruel but very good used machines
in many formats are on Craig's list as well as EBay.

Johnathan D. is using BSD on a laptop and note performance hit
but is using it to learn Unix.  And finds it useful for that.
Johnathan D. mentions a speaker of some repute about the Haskell 
language Will be making a presentation regarding the language.
At the next Semibug online meeting via Jit.se
     17 January: Emily Pillmore, CTO of the Haskell Foundation,
will give a presentation on the Haskell programming language.
He, Johnathan will be making a further post regarding this
presentation which will be via Jit.se
Johnathan heard about the SF-LUG meeting via Rick Moen's email.
Johnathan D. switching to Devuan on another machine.  Works fine.

John S. stopped by for a moment to exchange greetings.

1:05 I left leaving behind Ron, Johnathan D. and Aaron
(I left to fix my lunch and fluff my rice.)
1:55 Spoke briefly to Johnathan D.

	I know I have forgotten something of note in these
brief notes and anyone who has a better memory is free to
expand on what I missed

Next SF-LUG meeting is on Sunday  February 5, 2022
Usual time and usual Jit.se channel.  More later.

	   Lately At Distrowatch.com

2023-01-02 	NEW • DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 1000

	Very good issue with lots of information on
a wide variety of recent releases and a historical
cartoon.  Some specific problem solvers for the
slowly filling root partition and more...


2022-12-30 	NEW • Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 23
  	Alexander Tratsevskiy has announced the release of Calculate Linux 
23, a major new version of the project's Gentoo-based, rolling-release 
distribution available in KDE Plasma, Cinnamon, LXQt, MATE and Xfce 
flavours.  Well this does not use systemd but has systemd-utils.


2022-12-30 	NEW • Distribution Release: Vanilla OS 22.10
  	Vanilla OS is a fixed-release distribution based on Ubuntu with the 
GNOME desktop. Vanilla OS is an immutable operating system - the core 
parts of the system are locked down to prevent unwanted changes and 
corruption from third-party applications or a faulty update. The project 
has announced its first stable release, Vanilla OS 22.10.


2022-12-30 	Distribution Release: siduction 22.1	       	
          The siduction distribution is a desktop-oriented operating 
system and live medium based on the Unstable branch of Debian GNU/Linux. 
The project includes several updates to its featured desktop 
environments and the Linux kernel. It also adopts the Nala package 
manager: <https://manual.siduction.org/sys-admin-nala_en.html>


2022-12-26 	NEW • Distribution Release: Zephix 6
  	Zephix is a live Linux operating system based on Debian's stable 
branch. It runs totally from removable media without touching any files 
stored on the user's system disk. The project's latest version, Zephix 
6, uses the same base and most of the same package versions as Zephix 5, 
but introduces several improvements to the boot process.
Read about it on Distrowatch & at 
<https://zephix-linux.sourceforge.io/#about>  Well it uses systemd.


	Read that Distrowatch Weekly issue 1000.

	Bobbie Sellers

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