[sf-lug] notes from SF-LUG meeting of Sunday 5 December 2021

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Dec 5 17:12:18 PST 2021

Hi LUGers,

     I got onto Jit.si about 10:55.

I was preceded by Ron of BCLUG.

Michael P. came in shortly.

Ken S. (and Sunni who just stopped by to wish us happy holidays.)

Aaron C.

and Victor from the South Bay.

And just as i was leaving at 1300 Rick Moen came in.

Well apparently no one is intending to have a riotous celebration on 
January 2022 so
the next meeting will be on Sunday January 2, 2022. Unless Omicron 
Variant goes away
or it proven harmless it will be via <https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org> 
from 11 AM to 1 PM.

I have a problem with a printer driver which apparently no one was 
interested in.

Ron did some speaking but I was not clear as to purpose or intent.

Ken S. left about 12:19 after participating in discussion.

Aaron is trying to use the new Multibootusb in opposition to Ventoy.
If you want to play with it 
If he is involved with other matters he should speak up here and let us 

Michael was doing upgrades and maintenance on the machines he is 
responsible for.
He did provide a couple of useful tips.

Victor has dug out an old 32 bit Inspiron installed with some variety of 
and is doing what he can on it.  He is doing what he called Creative 
on the device which went into a discussion of which text editor to use with
MaxEd as a new entry in the discussion which revolved basically around Vi,
Vim, gvim, and emacs with mentions of Ed and edit and line-ed.
I not having the background to use those expert tools use KWrite and 
Kate for
any purposes I think editing is required.  I have done some in gvim but 
that was
with the help of Jim Stockford, years past at Java Cat.
Victor left about 11:59

Someone,  Aaron?,  asked about Jim Stockford and he has retired from 
active participation.
He is only a little younger than myself but different people age at 
different rates.  The 2nd
time his catalytic converter was stolen took the wind out of his sails 
and he mostly sticks
close to home.  I call him every so often to see if he need any help i 
can provide.

Michael remarked that we should find a new person to screen any job 
that come our way.  I agree.  Jim cannot be troubled with such and it 
will have to
be someone with working experience in IT I think.

Rick Moen came in as I was leaving and I greeted him and continued to leave.
So what Rick, Michael, Ron and Aaron got up to after I left at 1 PM. I 
do not
even pretend to know.

Now I got a new printer and I have a little problem in that the .rpm 
provided was
made on a Fedora machine and my own excellent OS is not totally 
compatible with
the version of rpm that Fedora uses.  Maybe I should go back and get the 
file so that I can use a tool called Alien to convert it to a usable .rpm

     Oh it is a little problem.

     Hope to read more about what was happening from the people who were 

  Bobbie Sellers - brought to you by the power and ease of PCLinuxOS
                         and a minor case of hypergraphia

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