[sf-lug] brief notes on meeting of 11/7/2021 and some news

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Nov 10 11:58:29 PST 2021

Hi LUGers,

Well it was a very good meeting on Sunday, 7 November 2021.
I seem to have been a bit late to the meeting as John S., Aaron C.
Ken S. and Michael Paoli as well as Tom were there all ready.

After I got there Victor from the South Bay, showed up
As did Ron from BCLUG,  Ron had a real problem
and Michael was able to advise him on a simple
procedure to correct an error.

Ron wanted also to talk about Android 12 which according
to him seems to be a great improvement.

Aaron C. brought up managers for multiple Virtual  instances.

Tom was calling in from Massachusetts maybe Boston, on his
cell phone as he walked around in nice weather.

John P.  who has been to previous meetings showed up.

Much discussion ensued which I was unable to keep up

So since I cannot say much about the meeting,
let me point out that there are many new iso files out
some in Beta and some for distribution.


Development Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta

NEW • Distribution Release: 3CX Phone System 10

NEW • Distribution Release: Raspberry Pi OS 2021-10-30

antiX-21_x64-full.iso and all the rest of the AntiX isos are

MX-21 is also out with a good review from Distrowatch's
weekly newletter which I will quote.
  MX 21, codenamed Wildflower, is such a joy to use speaks volumes
about Linux and its potential on the desktop, the dedication of its users,
and why so many of us never want to boot a Big Tech operating system
ever again. It's not so much that MX 21 just works, but that its developers
have made a serious effort to identify what would make it work even better.
  End of quote.
You can read the review at this URL.

and PCLinuxOS has brought out iso files for 2021.11 in
two versions of KDE Plasma 5, Mate, and xfce.  All seem
solid but if anyone tries these and has problems best
to go to the PCLinux Forum and ask the habitues.

I hope you all enjoy a good Thanksgiving Day.

Next meeting will be on Sunday December 5, 2021
at  <https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org> .
Sorry that the "." got into the announcement for
     If you are so inclined on December 6 you can
celebrate the Feast of Holy Nicolas.

     Now I have to fix lunch then go back to bed.

Bobbie Sellers- “Nearly any fool can use a GNU/Linux computer. Many do.”
                         After all here I am...

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