[sf-lug] correct URL?

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Mon Nov 8 10:15:06 PST 2021

Michael Paoli wrote on 2021-11-07 1:57 p.m.:

> In any case, correct URL is also in the SF-LUG.org website: 
> https://www.sf-lug.org/

Thank everyone.

I didn't notice that the period at end of sentence in email was part of
hyperlink, dragged hyperlink to a tab to join meeting and saw no one there.

But, I was 30-45 minutes early, so no surprise.

Somewhere past starting time it slowly dawned on me something might be

Now I see how Jitsi created the channel for me when I followed the link:

> we will be meeting at <https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org.> on Sunday

Anyway, TL;DR - I was really early, hence alone, and took me a while to 
realize it was a) past starting time, and b) slightly malformed URL

Good meeting though, thanks Michael for the brilliantly simple solution 
to accessing /var when I'd mounted something else on top of it.

Saved me lugging a monitor and keyboard to the far room and plugging in 
under a dresser to fix in situ.

...Until I ran "ip rule flush" and knocked the server off both 
networks...  That required lugging equipment around, but I probably 
deserved that.


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