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Interesting article ...
> Vim vs. Nano vs. Emacs: Three sysadmins weigh in
> Three editors. Three experts. Which Linux text editor is right for you?
> https://www.redhat.com/sysadmin/3-text-editors-compared
> Of course *some* of us will rather prefer vi straight, over Vim and any
> others ;-)

Good point. I've always felt Vim was okay, but I learned vi back in the
late 80s
so will always feel a certain pull towards it. I used nano while taking
computer security classes at CCSF several years ago and found it easy to
Haven't gotten around to learning Emacs, I probably should.

And fewer ppl still might even rather use the jstar variant of the JOE
> editor in eager reminiscence of MicroPro's WordStar for DOS that was so
> prevalent way back ~four decades ago :o

One of my techie friends back in the mid 80s liked to call WordStar
Probably not a bad description of it. :p I'll never forget using it at a
startup in
San Jose I worked at back then, with its Help menu taking up half of the
screen. I got proficient enough at it that I was able to turn it off and
use the full screen
for text. When I did that at one company I worked at a couple years later,
I totally
freaked out my boss who had no idea you could do that. Arcane knowledge for
sure now but it was fun to know how to do that back then. *g*

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