[sf-lug] Linux Pro issue 247 precis for June 2021

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Hi  LUGers.

      Cover emphasis is on MakerSpace Hand-on Guide to GPIO
     Distributions of the Month Knoppix 9.1 which we now have in the library
and ZORIN OS 15.3 Core which will be avaliable.

         Then Post Quantum Encryption Will privacy survive quantum 

     JSON Deep Dive Get fluent in ths mportant data format.

     DTLS Encyrption over UDP

o maddog explores the history of text editors

o Obsideian: Nifty note and knowlege  tool

10 FOSSPICKS -Heavenly free tools.

NEWS Editorial News Flash: COBOL rises from its own non-ashes.
IBM's COBOL for Linux 1.1 Comppier

34  DTLS
The connectionless UDP transport won't work with the popular TLS privacy 
protocol. DTLS is
an alternative that will protect your UDP traffic from prying eyes.

56    Hands-On Guide to the GPIO The GPIO is a powerful interface from your
Raspberry Pi to outside hardware. We'll show you how to program for the 

38    JSON Deep Dive
JSON is a leading data format for websites, mobile devices, and even 
ordinary desktop applications.
We take you down inside JSON format and describe some tools for working 
with JSON data.

88 Obsidian
Organize your thoughts with this cool knowledge app built on Markdown.

• Apple M1 Hardware Support To Be Merged into Linux Kernel 5.13
• KDE Launches the Qt 5 Patch Collection
• Linux Creator Warns Next Kernel Could Be Delayed
• System76 Updates Its Pangolin Laptop
• New Debian-Based Distribution Arrives on the Market
• System76 Releases New Thelio Desktop
• AlmaLinux Is Officially Available

12 Kernel News

• “Welcoming” a New Kernel Developer

• An Ancient Feature Goes Belly Up


16 Quantum Computing and Encryption
The encryption methods we use today are no match for tomorrow’s quantum 
We’ll show you why and what’s ahead for cryptography in the post-quantum 


22Distro Walk – Knoppix Knoppix, a portable operating system and rescue 
continues to evolve.


26 distri
The experimental distri research project investigates ways to speed up 
package management.

30 Command Line – Installers
Testing cutting-edge applications may require learning about the 
installer first.

34 DTLS – Encryption for UDP
TLS encryption is wonderful if it is running over a reliable transport 
protocol like TCP; but if your needs call for the less reliable UDP 
transport, you’d better start learning about DTLS.

38  JSON Deep Dive
JSON data format is a standard feature of today’s Internet. We’ll take a 
close look at JSON format and explore some tools for reading and 
manipulating JSON data.

46 dgamelaunch
Set up a server to play Roguelike games and preserve a piece of gaming 

51 Charly’s Column – Zint
Doing a hardware inventory in a data center is never easy. Charly uses 
Zint to provide each newly acquired system with a QR code sticker.

52 Programming Snapshot – fsnotify
Inotify lets applications subscribe to change notifications in the 
filesystem. Mike Schilli uses the
cross-platform fsnotify library to detect what’s happening.

73 Welcome This month in Linux Voice.

74 Doghouse – Code Longevity
Maddog discusses the long history of text editors and the RAND message 
handling system.

75 EdUBudgie
EdUBudgie Linux is an Ubuntu clone created by a teacher and aimed 
directly at the education market.

78 Kit Scenarist
Creative writers take note! Kit Scenarist is a free application designed 
to simplify the process of writing
a screenplay.

82 FOSSPicks
This month Graham looks at SonoBus, NewsFlash, Kinto.sh,RetroShare, 
Emilia Pinball, and much more!
88 Tutorial – Obsidian
Obsidian helps you work more effectively by giving you a tool to record, 
connect, and catalog your ideas and notes.

56 ARM64 Assembly and GPIO - Reading, writing, and arithmetic with the 
Raspberry Pi in
ARM64 assembly language.

66 Pi OS 2020-12-02 - The latest Raspberry Pi OS adds the PulseAudio 
sound server and a print manager.

70 Zenity - Add a dialog box to your command-line app.

SERVICE - Events
Users, developers, and vendors meet at Linux events around the world.
We at Linux Magazine are proud to sponsor the Featured Events shown here.
For other events near you, check our extensive events calendar online at
If you know of another Linux event you would like us to add to our calendar,
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Be sure to check the event website before booking any travel, as many 
events are
being canceled or converted to virtual events due to the effects of 

stackconf online 2021 - Date: June 15-17, 2021
Location: Virtual  Event
Website: https://stackconf.eu/
Get to know innovative solutions in the spectrum of container, hybrid, and
cloud technologies and learn what will shape the future of open source
infrastructures. Follow the streamed presentations of renowned experts,
ask your questions directly via live chat, and network with participants
from all over the world.

openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021 Date: June 18-20, 2021
Location: Virtual Event
Website: https://events.opensuse.org/
Join the annual openSUSE community event that brings people from around
the world together to meet and collaborate. This virtual conference includes
organized talks, workshops, and BoF sessions to provide a framework
around more casual meet ups and hack sessions.

SUSECON Digital 2021  May 18-20  Virtual Event

LISA21  June 1-3  Anaheim, California

Global Maintainer Summit  June 8-9
  Virtual Event  https://globalmaintainersummit.github.com/

ODSC Europe  June 8-10  Virtual Conference

SYSTOR 2021 Hybrid June 14-16
  Haifa, Israel  https://www.systor.org/2021/venue.html

stackconf online 2021  June 15-16
  Virtual Event  https://stackconf.eu/

openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021 June 18-20
  Virtual Event  https://events.opensuse.org/

Akademy 2021  June 18-25
  Virtual Event   https://akademy.kde.org/2021

ISC High Performance 2021 Digital   June 24-July 2
  Virtual Event  https://www.isc-hpc.com/

USENIX ATC '21   July 14-16
  Santa Clara, California   https://www.usenix.org/conference/atc21

Embedded Linux Conference  August 3-6
  Vancouver, British Columbia   https://events.linuxfoundation.org/
North America

Open Source Summit North America August 3-6
  Vancouver, British Columbia  https://events.linuxfoundation.org/

USENIX Security '21   August 11-13
  Vancouver, British Columbia   https://www.usenix.org/conferences

  o c .FRKubernetes Community Days  September 9-10 Amsterdam, Netherlands

  3 2 1,DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud  September 14-15 Virtual Event

  e t i hWKVM Forum  -  September 27-29 Dublin, Ireland

  x elAEmbedded Linux Conference Europe Sept 28-Oct 1
  Dublin, Ireland  https://events.linuxfoundation.org/

  ©seOpen Source Sum it Europe   Sept 28-Oct 1
  Dublin, Ireland    https://events.linuxfoundation.org/

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