[sf-lug] Notes from Virtual Meeting of Sunday, April 4, 2021

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Apr 4 21:39:25 PDT 2021

*Hi LUGers,

     Well we had our virtual meeting from 11 PM to 1 PM and maybe a bit 

     About 1055 I logged into the Jit.se meeting and no one else was 
there so I went to another virtual desktop until Michael Paoli called
  out to me.
     Michael was updating some certificates today it seems via a special
tool that was supposed to reduce his work load.  He spent more than
half the meeting on it so I suppose the unaided work would have taken
much longer.

     The main news I had was that JingOS has been release and you can
get a copy of this Linux intended for x86 tablets. I repeated this item 
several times as members arrived,
     Ubuntu has released the Beta version of 21.04 and Distrowatch
can give you more details.

     Ken S. arrived next and may well be testing Ubuntu 21.04 Beta
as I write.   We had the usual fun with setting audio levels.
About 1225 Ken left.

     John S. showed up no special problems but he allowed that tools
for updating certificates would be good as he has about 30,000 computers 
running Windows to be dealt with.

     Wayne from the South Bay was also an early arrival.  He left early
but contributed a few words.

     Victor was one I had not seen at prior virtual meetings and he left

     Suddenly Akkana Peck arrived, but still in New Mexico

     We started talking about backgrounds and Jit.si meeting has
added new backgrounds such as blur which is indicated by
a set of of dots, a outdoor setting, and two views from apartment
or office towers.   Blur does not use much cpu but the other
of outdoors and apartments. over-looking some city tended
to use up a lot and artifacts showed up around the outline
of our faces.

     Rick Moen came along and offered his wise word on the topics 
mentioned.  Also about Richard Stallman and his return to the
Board of the Free Software Foundation and how the people who
got Mr. Stallman removed now want the whole board of the FSF removed. 
Red Hat has also gotten very negative about Stallman's return and is 
removing support from the FSF as fast as may be.

     Tom was the last to arrive and he was interested in JingOS
so we may hear more about that as he has an Atom tablet to
try it on.   JingOS wants to produce a tablet to run Linux and
the specifications of the projected tablet are quite nice.

     I left at 1 PM as I was rather hungry.
     I left Michael, Rich Moen and Tom still discussing matters that
seem to have gone over my head.  I hope that their discussion was 

     I hope the attendees will correct my misapprehensions and 
confusions as soon as possible.

     Now besides the Ubuntu and JingOS there are some fresh
releases of our favorites out there.  MX-Linux is up to version 19.4, 
Linux Lite is up to version 5.4 and Deepin is up to 20.2.  I just
mention the distributions that are meant for people to use.
     There are several other things out there for business that may
need them including the latest Red Hat announcement.

     The Next Virtual Meeting will be on Sunday May 2, 2021 at
the usual virtual meeting place <https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org>
from 11 AM to 1 PM.
     Hope you can make it.  If you cannot make it and are having 
problems do not forget to let us know on the mailing list.

Bobbie Sellers


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