[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting notes for Sunday February 4, 2018

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Feb 4 14:39:20 PST 2018

Hi LUGers,

     Well this was a special meeting because I went in early to help
Mikki McGee with an install of Ubuntu to her new 8 year old computer
a Toshiba Satellite A135 with Vista.  This was given as a retirement
gift to a friend of Mikki's who never cared to use it.   He gave it to her.

     10:05 got to the Cafe Enchante and began to setup my equipment
and dig out DVDs and CDs.

     Mikki McGee showed up a few minutes later and setup her equipment.
I went into Vista and managed to get about 25 GB free.  I tried reducing
and eliminating page files but got no more space out of the drive via
this Vista route.

     So we installed Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 32-bit without any real problems
letting Ubuntu take over the free space and make its own allocations.
     After thorough testing to make sure the drive booted in all modes
I checked out the Memory and was pleased to find she had 3 GM
of memory installed.

     The worst part of the adventure was trying to find a media
to copy the documents I had found while getting ready to do this
to her drive.   Finally found an empty micro SD card in an old USB
  reader and was able to get the chore done.

     Around 11:00 Ken Shaffer and wife showed up and Ken presented me
as a gift, a Intel computer stick with Ubuntu installed for use with my
torrents.   Thanks again Ken.   This little marvel is larger than most
USB Flash Drives but contains the processor and several ports,
HDMI and USB with a Micro-SD card slot.  Ken got two of these as
he has another project in hand.
     He has already posted details of his setup of the Intel Stick which
I found in time to mention as I wrote this.

     Maestro came in as well.

     Mike (our Slackware user) showed up seeking information on the
"Meltdown and Spectre" problems recently the subject of some
disturbance in the consciousness of those who pay attention.
I believe that Ken and other attendees filled him in.

     Finally around Noon Jim Stockford came in with his car running

     Most of this time I was busy with Mikki's Toshiba.  The Ubuntu came
with Firefox and Thunderbird and we just had to find Thunderbird but
that was done.

     1255 packed up and Jim Stockford gave myself a ride home, and Mikki
who lives in Brisbane and dropped off another member on the way.

     I had given Ken a new copy of the Rescatux 0.51b3 release which
is a Live disk to repair boot problems.  I used this to get my nice little
Dell E6520 booting properly on my old Pavilion drive.  I was not able
to fix a problem with the E6420 but that was solved with a re-install.
Another member took a copy of Parrot Security 3.11 for the x86_64.

     The next meeting at the Cafe Enchante will be on February 19.
     As usual you can expect the notice on the Monday before the
meeting or thereabouts which would be the 12th of this month.

     I hope everyone who cares about it is enjoying the Super Bowl.

     Don't forget Valentine's Day Gentlemen!
     We will be having President's Day on the 19th as well
as the all important SF-LUG meeting.

     Anyone who wants to correct my misapprehensions or
mis-statements is free to do so ASAP.

     Bobbie Sellers
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