[sf-lug] problem using gnu parted

Alex Kleider akleider at sonic.net
Tue Jan 30 19:59:46 PST 2018

Here's a version that works:

parted $LOOPDEV unit 's' resizepart "$PART_NUMBER" "${ENDING_SECTOR}" <<

When the -s --script option (no user input) is used, parted refuses to 
set the partition boundary. That's what was happening to me.
Without it, parted wants confirmation (in the form of a 'yes' as user 
The above worked but I would have thought that there should be an option 
that would eliminate the need for going through this hoop.

Another mistake on my part was that I was putting the 's' (for sector) 
as a suffix to the ending sector number instead of using the unit 
command. That's the way the units are indicated when parted displays. 
Kind of dumb of me now that I look back on it.  I hadn't realized more 
than one command could be used at the same time.

Thanks Aaron and Michael for your inputs.

Alex Kleider
(sent from my current gizmo)

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