[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting notes for Sunday 7 January 2018

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Jan 7 21:13:28 PST 2018

Hi LUGers,

     Well I got to meeting early of course at 10:30 AM and proceeded
to setup the magazines, Tux, the computer my trusty Dell Latitude
6420. No problem with getting online as as soon as i signed in the
Dell connected to the local WiFi.

     11:00 AM Ken S and his wife Sunni showed up.
     Ken has excitingly enough gotten one of the compact Linux
loaded Intel USB computers and will be working with it for some
time to come.  He might donate it to the use of the UG if he
finds it suitable.
     We had some discussion of various matters before Tom
showed up.

     11:30 AM Tom showed up and I must say I was glad to see
him.  He brought along his laptop and was working on it the
last I saw him.  Ken helped him with creating a new "/home"
partition.  Tom took home the December issue of Linux Pro.

     11:40 Aaron C. came in with his small laptop or netbook
and some other things.  He had lunch and we exchanged a good
deal of information across the big table.  The Cafe was not
full but the noise level was high.  I lent him the January Issue
of Linux Pro.

     12:00 Jackie B. showed up for help with setting up the printer
on the 16.04.3 Ubuntu and between simple advice from Ken and
repetition from me, I think we gave her a good grounding in
the topic.  If she has further problems I promised to come over
and try to help her with them.
     Well last Thursday I helped her at home to install Ubuntu
16.04.3  but we had a small misunderstanding with that
Toshiba Satellite at some point in the past and another
user helper had installed Ubuntu in 32 bit version so we
thought it was a 32 bit machine but I noted the processor
model and that it was a dual core Intel processor so I looked
it up and this was a 64 bit machine.  So I sent her home with
64 bit versions of Ubuntu and a utility Live disk.

     I also spoke to some Alaskans who were interested in Linux.
One or more may join the mailing list for further information and
I gave them a bookmark with the relevant information so that
they can reach out to us if no local group is closer at hand.

     Well Ken and Sunni left first except for Jackie who had had
enough of us and our confusing help by 12:30.  At 1 PM Aaron
and I left to ride the 38 together towards downtown when
he left to do some shopping.

     All in all it was a good meeting.
     Anyone who has more to say about whatever they were doing
that I was too busy or self-absorbed to notice is free to advise
us of those matters by response to these notes.

     Sorry you all could not make it but the weather was cold for
a San Francisco morning so I wasn't too surprised.

     The next meeting is on Monday January 15., 2018 from
6-8 PM.

     Try to Stay Dry!

     Now I hope I see some more of us at the next meeting.

     Happy New Year!

     Bobbie Sellers
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