[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting note for Monday November 20, 2017

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Nov 22 12:32:51 PST 2017

Hi LUGers,

     Sorry I am so late getting out these notes but as far as energy 
goes I am down
to very little after I took care of my errands.  Real life is taking too 
much out of me.

     Well I got to the Cafe Enchante about 5:40 PM, Monday evening.
     There were no problems with the setup of the Dell laptop or in 
getting online.
The Dell is running the PCLinuxOS64 KDE5 and is fully updated at that 
time to
kernel 4..13.14.  This is now running on the 700 Gibibyte hard drive from my
toasted Pavilion and with the 8 Gigabyte sodimm added it is up to 12 

  5:45   Maestro came in a few minutes after that and setup his equipment.
  I was able to give him a few distros to experiment with.

     Then I booted up the new security distribution, 
It bring up a Mate Desktop Environment and is loaded with all the security
tools you might need.  Not only that it comes up fast unlike the Security
version we had at the previous meeting, CAINE 9.0 Linux based on Ubuntu.

6:30 Aaron C. showed up.    He brought along his desktop
computer as described in his recent post. as well as his small
     I took the time to try to make a bootable copy of the

Parrot-full-3.9_i386.iso to a Flash Drive and gave it to Aaron

to try out but he was involved in a struggle to get online.

Seems the new check-in page was hard to get to,

     I do not really have space for it in my small apartment
so it is still available.  Along wtih various external 3.5" drives one
in a large USB case marked with penguins.  These are
EIDE and PATA drives.  This is a much smaller desktop
than I had seen described in the manual but no matter
it was too large for my space.  I hope someone who
really wants to work with Linux will take this off his hands.

     This is Aaron's available desktop computer which description
he asked me to include in this meeting report.
     HP Compaq dc5000SFT set-up with dual-boot in Linux.
Linux Mint 18.2 has kernels 4.10 higher, 4.10 lover, and 4.8
probable LTS
     Debian GNU/Linux Stretch kernel 4.9.04-PAE.
     Passwords presently for user "guest" and "root"(su/admin)
are all 'guest123'

     Well Maestro got into it about a casual remark I had made
that  some isos that I download are problematic in that the
checksums given by the uploaders do not match.  He was
trying to remotely do the checksum before downloading.
I despite the fact that the download may be bad prefer
to check the download once it is on my hard disk.  Also
because I download a lot of iso files have a filing system
that I prefer to follow which Maestro finds extraneous to
my needs.

     Well 7:45 came soon enough and Maestro was gone
like a shot.  Aaron and I walked  on down to the bus stop
as soon as we had packed up our stuff.
     We took different buses onward.

     So it was not a really great meeting but I have seen
worse.  If Maestro or Aaron have anything to add to my
notes I hope that they do it soonest.

     The next meeting at the Cafe Enchante will be on
December 3, 2017 from 11 AM to 1 PM.  I will have
Kali 2017.03 available then as well as AntiX and
a few other newly out distributions.

     Bobbie Sellers

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