[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting notes from Monday 16 October 2017

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Oct 16 22:34:10 PDT 2017

Hi LUGers,

     Well it was a warm evening and that might have been enough to
keep people at home or even playing.
     1740 I arrived at the Cafe Enchante and commenced my setup.

     I had no problems getting on line.  I did updates on my PCLinuxOS64
with the Trinity DE.   After that I tried to get the sound working and I
failed again.  So then I went to the Debian Edu 9 that is working pretty
well and I got a lot of updates on that disk.  I was not able to get the
sound working.  Now I started to worry about the hardware

     I tried to boot up Manjaro and Zorin.
     I managed to run the "fsck"on the Zorin partition and was rewarded
with a bootable system.  Then on that system I got the sound working
very well.  At least that was Aaron's comment which relieved me of
worries about the hardware

     1900 Aaron C.  Showed up with an used HP with a very messed up
XP installation and he tried to help that with the KlamAV on the Knoppix.
He also returned the materials I had lent him.  Thanks, Aaron.

     He gave up on that and replaced the hard disk and made sure he
actually had 2 Gibibytes of ram.
     Then he booted up his live version of Zorin 12.2

     One other problem I found this evening relates to my external
hard drive which contains the iso files I bring to meetings.  I am
getting reports of structural problems there and will be working
on it.

     All too soon it was time to leave and I packed up my wheeled
case and took a bus from 25th and Geary to Hyde

     The next Meeting will be on Sunday November 5 from 11 am to 1 pm.
     I hope to have the latest Fedora by that time as well as some
other matters of interest.
     Regular notice for the next meeting should be out on October 30.

     Happy Halloween!

     Bobbie Sellers

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