[sf-lug] Temporarily added/adding A records to ... for letsencrypt.org validation

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sat May 21 09:26:52 PDT 2016

[DO NOT REPLY ALL (unless you're subscribed to BOTH lists]
Temporarily added/adding these A records for letsencrypt.org validation
(letsencrypt.org still fails to validate against IPv6 only):
ipv6.balug.org.         14400   IN      A
www.ipv6.balug.org.     14400   IN      A
ipv6.sf-lug.com.        86400   IN      A
www.ipv6.sf-lug.com.    86400   IN      A
ipv6.sf-lug.info.       7200    IN      A
www.ipv6.sf-lug.info.   7200    IN      A
ipv6.sf-lug.org.        7200    IN      A
www.ipv6.sf-lug.org.    7200    IN      A

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