[sf-lug] Keeping balance in our lives

Jim Willson jmango at mail.com
Sat Apr 9 07:55:26 PDT 2016

hey Linux Mafia

Although I've been to a few of the meetings, I usually only have 
time to follow this list.  Enjoy the technical discussions as 
well as the sense of comradery.

However: One particular gentleman seems to be consistently and 
unnecessarily defensive in his posts.  Hey brother, can I just 
say to you - it's gonna be OK!  One suggestion would be to take a 
break from coding and spend a little time working on that smile 
and sense of humor!  Hint, hint, from personal experience: improv 
classes are great for this.

This is not criticism.  Just a reminder that all of us techies 
need to have balance in our lives and develop our people skills. 
  It can seem a little odd at first, but in my opinion the 
benefits are definitely worth it, both in mail lists and life in 


-- Jim W

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