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this is for the newer users and transients to fedora.

if/when you want to install multiple desktop environments and check them
out at different times or run different things in different
environments *switchdesk
*is a command you can use to easily switch back & forth.

the weird thing is, save for a few pages when i was strolling around the
web, no pages told you it DOESN'T come installed (in '22 anyway).

#dnf install switchdesk

will give you command line only enabling of the package

#dnf install switchdesk-gui

will give you the gui(graphic interface) which launches when you initiate
the command

you can...

#switchdesk &gnome

and also use...

#startgnome &


if you haven't been around fedora or been away for a while *dnf *has
replaced *yum *as package management and *yum* is deprecated and according
to the 'dev.s' it will be this way moving forward...

message ends.


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