[sf-lug] Old Computers & Parts

Mark Sobell marksobell at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 17:53:29 PDT 2015

Cleaning out my garage. Lots of parts, mostly old (DB-25 era?). Power
supplies, routers, lots of cables, 3.5" floppies, and a few whole
computers. Need to remove the & wipe the disks from the computers before I
give them away. You can have the disks once wiped. Also a bunch of smaller
LED monitors. Would prefer to give to a group where they will do some good
(nonprofit?), but if that does not work would be happy to give to someone
who would keep this stuff out of the dump. I'd like some help pulling stuff
out of the garage so plan on a couple of hours of work.

I'm in the Mission.

I would appreciate any suggestions of other places to post this message.


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