[sf-lug] crackers may target routers, here are some defence ideas such as OpenWRT

jim jim at well.com
Tue Aug 18 08:36:32 PDT 2015

     Here's a link to an article that claims
that world-wide crackers may be targetting
our routers because the routers are frail
from a security standpoint.


     Set a long, complex password, turn off
uPnP and any other unneeded features, and--
most effective of all--re-fire the firmware
with OpenWRT.
     We discussed this last night in the
SF-LUG meeting, and Bobbie found these
links to the Buffalo router products,
which use OpenWRT.

     Here is the URL to the Amazon Web page.

     Here are two pages for the rest of the information about the free 
router firmware and what works with it.


     The Buffalo main page.

Thanks, Bobbie!

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