[sf-lug] sf-lug.{org,com} & Network Solutions / Web.com

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 9 08:25:58 PDT 2015

Okay, I called Network Solutions / Web.com ... Jim also earlier passed
me auth info to access the relevant Network Solutions / Web.com
account, so ...  with that and calling Network Solutions / Web.com (and
"playing Jim", a bit) took a look to see what I might be able to do in
correcting the damage and how easily (or not) and at what price.

Anyway, here's the poop - according to what information I have or got
earlier and/or got from Network Solutions / Web.com Apparently on
2015-05-02 (two full months in advance of expiration) domains were
auto-renewed on credit card at full list price of $37.99 USD each, for
a total of $75.98 USD.  And I did see the "auto renew" setting on the
account clearly set to ON for both domains.  Apparently sometime after
that - Jim challenged the charge through financial institution, and the
charge was reversed.  That apparently then left the Network Solutions /
Web.com account "in bad standing" (even though the domains hadn't
expired yet).  Apparently from what Network Solutions / Web.com seems
to indicate, Jim didn't contact them for a refund (and seems likely
they would've been willing to refund prior to the domains expiring).
At least in my conversation with them, also seems likely that prior to
expiration, probably could've gotten refunded that outrageous full list
renewal price, and gotten renewals done for $10.00 USD per domain (I've
typically done that every year with Network Solutions / Web.com for the
domains I have / have had with Network Solutions / Web.com - but by
slightly different route (start to go through the motions like one's
going to transfer the domain away, and instantly one is offered renewal
at $10.00 per domain)).  So, at this point appears to quite be the
position of Network Solutions / Web.com that for those domains to be
renewed presently, the account needs to be brought to good standing, by
paying the $75.98 USD, and then the account would be in good standing
and the domains renewed.  Until then, Network Solutions / Web.com
considers the account in bad standing, and for the most part won't
allow any changes on the domains (can muck about with some settings on
the account itself, but that's about it).

So ... options seem kind'a limited at this point, e.g.:

fork over the $75.98 USD to Network Solutions / Web.com and the domains
are renewed (and it may require either Jim or myself to do that - I
didn't inquire if they'd take that from 3rd party ... they might (years
ago when I inquired they said they wouldn't for expired domains - but
that was then and may no longer be the case).  (If someone wants to
throw that kind of money at Network Solutions / Web.com for this and
they won't take it from 3rd party, one could pass that through me if
one really wants, or Jim, if/when he's available and if he'd want to do

Sit quietly and wait about another 68 days, and the domains will then
be up for grabs (could generally then be had for $8.00 USD (or less?)
from quite good registrars (I think some were even having a sale on
.com for $5.00 which may still be in effect).

Spend more $$ to try and snatch the domains up "first" via various
services that offer such (y'all could get in a bidding war against each

Do nothing and/or take other action(s).

Some comments (skipping most of the (now) quite obvious) - seems
relatively unlikely there's much (if any) market pressure/demand for
those domains, so probably most economical route which (eventually)
regains the domains (and doesn't further fund Network Solutions /
Web.com) would be to wait and then buy the domains at some other
reasonable registrar.  I'm not sure why bother with .com also, seems to
me .org ought suffice, and the sf-lug.org domain also predates the
sf-lug.com by about 3 or bit more years.  Were it my call to make, I'd
be inclined to use the .org as canonical, redirect from the .com, and
phase out the .com.  I did mention that at least to Jim some many moons
ago (redirection to cannonical) ... but ... crickets.  Also,
redirecting to cannonical is fine ... except when your cannonical
breaks (oops) - so ... wouldn't want to have that on presently.  But in
the meantime, certainly enjoy:

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