[sf-lug] SF-LUG Meeting of Sunday March 1,

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Mar 1 17:41:03 PST 2015

Hi LUGgers,

     At  1035 got to the Cafe Enchate and setup without problems.
This AM there was room to get two empty tables setup side by
side right away.  Before we were done we had about 5 tables
side by side.

     Ron, who has not been around much lately came to meet John S.
about the monitors he was selling.

     John S.  brought along his Raspberry Pi with keyboard and a HD
TV with the proper inputs for the Raspberry Pi.   The system
demonstrated (Raspian Wheezy) was a little lightly provided with
software but Midori is a capable  browser and Raspian got online
with as little problem as my notebook.

     Ken Schaffer and wife came in next,.  Ken spent a lot of the meeting
working with Maestro as M. installed Lubuntu.

     Maestro brought along his older notebook computer and managed to
install the later but not latest version of Lubuntu on the computer
but was having trouble getting the WiFi working the last I knew.

     Daniel G.  who took an hour or so to get the posts to the interim
mailing list together and uploaded to the SF-LUG List server
then  notified Rick Moen of its presence.  Then he and Jim S got into
a discussion of  how the web site and mailing list might be set up.
Later he used Midori on the rPi to adjust some matters on the
server interface.

     While he was working on my computer to setup the concatenated
directory of e-mail, I looked at the Raspian Wheezy.  Then on John's
iPad I looked at pictures of John's grandchild and  about 5 generations
of his family including pictures from 1982 and baby pictures of the
mother and father of the grand-child and the great-grandmother
of the child.

     Jim S. Ron and John exchanged a good bit of information.

     Shortly after 1 PM Daniel kindly offered and gave me a ride hom
  via a more scenic route.

     I hope the attending members will correct my errors and offer
emendations quickly.
     I have to say that due to circumstances I failed to bring along
Quirky which is a Puppy derivative which is somewhat eccentric and
slightly old fashioned but wholly usable.  I was able to get it to boot
on my HP 4 core notebook and many smaller distributions cannot
handle that in my limited experience.

     The next meeting will be on Monday March 16th in the evening
at the Cafe Enchante and you can expect a reminder on the 9th
of that meeting.

     Bobbie Sellers

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