SF-LUG - meeting of Monday January 19, 2015

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Jan 19 21:22:16 PST 2015

Hi LUGgers.

	Well this was a small and quiet meeting.
	I arrived about 5:45 PM and Maestro showed up shortly after 6 PM.

	Maestro tried out tails-i386-1.2.3 which I had check-summed
and written to disk this afternoon and later tried out Kali
	He was not too happy with either for various reasons.
Both are developing featuritis in our opinions but TAILS would
not shut down as he thought it should.  It did shut down though.

	Maestro using his old Toshiba had managed to install
PC Linux OS and that is the only distro out of several with
which he was able to manage this task.
	Currently he is planning on installing a free Unix on
this machine.

	Joseph Puig showed up about 7:30 and we discussed a
few matters.  I lent him both Linux Pro magazines which I
had brought to the meeting and he took along the TAILS i368
version 1.2.3.  disk to try out.
	Maestro left first about 7:50 but Joseph and I followed
to catch the 38 bus for Joseph back to his bus connection and
for me to the area in which I live.

	The next meeting will be Sunday February 1, 2015.
	A notice will be sent about January 26 and I hope to
see the usual crew there.

	Thanks for your attention.

	Bobbie Sellers

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