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Fri Jan 30 14:01:54 PST 2015

Since Bobbie did due diligence in confirming those that were OK with their
addresses being used in THIS format while SF-LUG was 'down', use it to post
your mails that you may want to drop any addresses that you dont want to
receive your post while still getting it to those you do.

Attention Bobbie:
You shouldn't have to touch a thing or forward anything as you will just be
another TO: addressee hence NO work for Bobbie.

Only those addresses that were in public Cc previously have been imported
and are being used just as before.
NO Bcc addresses were requested or used.

Attention group:
If you don't want to see posts from my address in this format please do let
me know & I'll simply drop your email address.

My hope is this will assist in manifesting continuing POSITIVE group
communications & contributions and keep people involved...

There also may be a NEW SF Linux/open source user mail list and meetup
space going up online soon and we'll let ya know when, if it happens...

Thanks enjoy,

Message ends.


*~the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear...*
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