Internet Service - Repairs

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at
Wed Jan 21 18:53:22 PST 2015

On Wed, 2015-01-21 at 16:37 -0800, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
> I am sticking with DSLextreme for my own reasons mostly financial,
> but 
> also because
> when I have a problem they help despite my deviant use of Linux.

They always asked me to reboot into Windows, which I dutifully then
pretended to do, since I do not dual boot. Such pretense saves a lot of
hassle when you have to call India. As for financial reasons, I suppose
the least one could pay with DSLExtreme is with their option (not
requirement) to piggy-back on an AT&T line (for which the least anyone
can pay is $3/mo for "measured-rate lifeline" service) at 768Kbps
download/384Kbps upload for $12.95/mo with a full-year contract for a
total of $16/mo. The closest thing Sonic has is an unadvertised 6Mbps
download/768Kbps upload plan with no contract for $19.95/mo plus
$6.50/mo equipment rental for a total of just shy of $30/mo (nearly
double) not to mention the ability to read e-mails using mutt/pine/elm
over ssh to their server.

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