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Tom Tt seameadowlake at
Tue Jan 20 16:15:22 PST 2015

The AT&T tech fixed my intermittent U-verse Internet service this morning
by removing some rust and other deposits from the connectors in my
building's ancient outdoor wiring hubs.  The building dates from 1910, the
wiring hubs from 1911?  Early this afternoon, an AT&T rep. called to ask if
the techie had fixed the problem, and I said "Yes."  I believe there will
be no charge for this service.   After three weeks of intermittent service,
my first call to AT&T was on Sunday.  AT&T called me back on Monday to see
if the problem was still occurring after I had removed a filter from the
data line, and the techie appeared Tuesday morning.  Just wondering if
DSLExtreme, Sonic and the others give this level of service.  I don't have
a bundled U-verse plan, it's Internet only.  The AT&T techies run line
tests from headquarters while on the phone, from inside their trucks, etc.
Do the other Internet Service Providers do the same?  Probably so.
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