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I'm using Webpass here in SF. If you can get it do it, hands down.
  Some like Monkey Brains. This is if you want and have a need for speed.
"Bundles" as with comcast or U-verse etc. never give the experience you 
get from
a connection dedicated to net only.

On 01/18/15 19:27, Daniel Gimpelevich wrote:
> The comment about DSLExtreme was from me. They are now part of IKANO 
> Communications, which partially repurposed their infrastructure to 
> provide private-label DSL service to any entity that chooses it:
> Over the decade that I was a customer of DSLExtreme, which spanned 
> years of them being based in Canoga Park, then Winnetka, then 
> Chatsworth, they went from being supportive with issues, about a year 
> and a half later to changing my static IP without informing me and 
> leaving me wondering why I had no connectivity but contacting the 
> person they reassigned my original IP address to (who was out of the 
> country) on my behalf, to replacing their in-house e-mail servers with 
> Google Apps and imperfectly migrating the stored mail by automated 
> means but not actually deploying the proper DNS entries needed for 
> Google Apps until I hounded them into it, to an issue where there was 
> a short on the wire pair carrying the DSL and causing the line sync to 
> keep dropping that led to many, many months of back and forth among 
> myself and different departments of both DSLExtreme and AT&T before 
> ANYONE became willing to authorize a technician to be sent out who 
> fixed the problem in just a few minutes. They also completely stopped 
> caring about the configuration of their DNS servers shortly after that.
> Sonic ultimately costs less than U-verse even after the equipment 
> rental fee for their Pace modem/routers, mandatory for new customers 
> but optional for those grandfathered in (like me), when you consider 
> that with U-verse you separately pay for the line and usually a 
> long-distance calling provider. Sonic has no speed or usage caps, and 
> U-verse has both, with speed-tiered pricing. If you live in the 
> Sunset, you may be among the first in the city to get Fiber To The 
> Premises, which goes live on Sonic in Brentwood next month, and in 
> Sebastopol the following month. They are and have always been based in 
> Santa Rosa, and that's where they answer all phone calls, unlike 
> DSLExtreme, which fields all calls to India.

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