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Dear Bobbie,

Pease's books are not about body language. They are about two distinct
subspecies that don't understand each other or bridge their
communication gaps. The books clearly says how men and women think and
do things. At least, it was very clear to me from the experiences I
have had.

You may not know it but men's world is very difficult for us sensitive
human beings. In the past I was an alpha so I know how the police, the
government, the army, the university, the publishing houses, the media, etc.,

I quit my secure government position when I found out I was completely
different from what they had stamped on as my identity. I hope you
know about anarchy inside out? Anarchy is not about lawlessness, but
about freedom.

Most people don't want freedom. Men want security of daydreaming,
lazing and running after new women, while women want the protection of
men against other men to upbring their babies. The stereotypes are the
absolute majority. I hope you know about Max Stirner, about "The Ego
and His Own"?

I have realised what your experience has taught you over these 77 years.
And I will never be free unless I lose my body. And I can almost read people.

I believe existence without body and remaining connected to the hive-mind
is possible. There are scientific evidence in "20 Cases Suggestive of
Reincarnation". I believe we are under simulation/virtual reality
we get to express our true nature or are filtered out. FOSS, Linux,
etc.,  don't matter. What matters is whether man have been
co-operative for a greater good and been self-vigilant,
self-restrained, freedom-loving and wise enough! I have been, so I can
see things which other don't, via simulations inside my head.

I like to program Evolving Games, so I could show the world what their
collective choices are leading them to, but am not finding someone who
can help me learn,

Thank you for your wellwishing, Bobbie!

My regards,
Rajib Bandopadhyay

On 07/01/2015, Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at> wrote:
> On 01/06/2015 09:37 PM, Rajib Bandopadhyay wrote:
>> Dear Bobbie,
>> I didn't realise you belong to the better half of our species! I am so
>> sorry!
>> First, individualistic anarchism failed, then communism, then will FOSS,
>> maybe.
>> Bobbie, I had also written to Ubuntu forum too. I just can't buy a
>> tablet and experiment on it unless Ubuntu confirms it. And even more,
>> why should I have to try that on a tablet. I should get it to work on
>> my laptop/PC!
>> Bobbie, recently one of those egotists tried to intrude upon my peace.
>> I have promptly showed the guy his place, though I dispice offending
>> others. In this case I had to.
>> The male chauvinistic egotistic bullying kind will destroy everything,
>> and I am ashamed as a man. They are always into "mine is more correct
>> than yours". They co-operate to manipulate, cheat, gain fame, but
>> don't share. It isn't in their severely attenuated Y-chromosome.
>> Hope you'd understand. I hope you've read Allen and Barbara Pease.
>> My regards to you. Are you from a computing background? Could you help
>> me out in a meaningful way? At least, connecting me with someone who
>> is working on this field?
>      I was a nurse until it became too much for me in my 40s.
>      I had things to do that scared me so i studied ki breathing with a
> then
> local psychologist.  This is a form of controlled breathing meditation.
> Before I stopped being a nurse I did data entry for data entry clerks
> abstracting the physician's from charts to special forms which were
> submitted to the entry clerks and later in an educational & political group
> I did similar work as a volunteer.
>      I instigated the use of PCs in that group and for a while did a
> mailing
> list online for the other members but it died out after some challenges.
> I could not get the people to recognise that while the Net promotes
> free speech that speech is widely available and subject to abuse by
> readers as well as writers.
>      My first computer was a Commodore 64 and I eventually moved
> to the Commodore Amiga buying used models and upgrading them
> over the long  years.
>      The Commodore Business Machines went down the tube as we
> say about bankruptcy and the Amiga despite great value was lost
> as a viable platform.  After about 10 years I tried out an XP laptop
> and in a few months got copies of Mandriva iso file and burned
> them to dish and had a successful install and never went back.
> The last of my Amigas stopped working and I switched to Linux.
>      About 2006 I got involved with the much more active SF-LUG
> of the time which was meeting then at Java Cat which failed and is
> now Emma's at 20th and Geary.
>      Jim Stockford asked me a few years ago to anchor the meetings
> at the Cafe Enchante and that is my history in a few lines.
>      The chore of Librarian gives me something to talk about with others,
> i.e. new releases and changes to the Linux system.
>      When I hit 65 about 12 years back I resigned my volunteer position
> and needing a new and entertaining hobby took up an interest in manga
> and anime which gave me altogether new things to do with my computer.
> I have a refractory fatigue problem which makes it increasingly hard to
> get out and do much so I save my energy for the meetings.
>      I have not read the Pease's books having rather different problems
> than body language.
>> And I am 45. Not too distant from you, though.
>> My regards,
>> Rajib Bandopadhyay
>      When I got sick I was 46 years old and it took me years to develop
> a clear
> understanding that when I over-exerted myself I would get ill and loose
> further
> endurance.  This may be because the brain is affected as well endurance;
>      I hope you have a good year in 2015 Rajib.
>      Bobbie Sellers

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