[sf-lug] BALE updates (CCSF Linux Users Group ... 302 ... 301 ... JavaScript ...)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Feb 18 11:17:00 PST 2015

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu):

> And too, really, why /index.html ?  Generally better to just use /,
> that way if it changes (e.g. one later uses index.htm or index.php or
> what have you), then browsers' bookmarks, search engines, etc.
> will have noted URL ending with /, rather than index.html

Yes, absolutely concur.  In fact, what you just said about any future
switch to index.php, index.shtml, or what have you is the major reason I
cite to people when I tell them why they should hyperlink to blahblah/
rather than to blahblah/index.html .

These were things everyone figured out in the middle 90s, but some sites
are still getting it wrong.  ;->

> But hey, they're (presumably mostly or entirely) students, ... they gotta
> learn this stuff.  :-)

Well, with some luck, it will become active again this year.  College
user groups tend to go through boom and bust cycles because of an
inherent problem:  

A couple of students go through the bureaucracy of getting an
administration-affiliated (recognised) student group and keep things
going for a while, but then, one June, they're heading towards finals
and graduation, and suddenly everyone's too busy to make plans for next
fall.  Summer break starts, and everyone leaves.  Often, everyone's so
busy that nobody's collected reliable contact data for members who'll be

September comes around, people are busy with classes, and there's a
limited time window to get affilated again for the new school year.  
Unless a couple of members hustle to complete that paperwork and
(typically) find a faculty advisor, the group loses official status for
at least a semester.

Sometimes college LUGs come back from that, sometimes not.

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