[sf-lug] Internet Service - Repairs

Tom Tt seameadowlake at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 23:33:36 PST 2015

My first message to the mailing list.

Update on my AT&T U-verse Internet service.  Last Tuesday morning, Jan. 20,
the AT&T techie removed rust and other crud from the outdoor wiring
harnesses/contraptions at my 1910-era building.  The service is better now,
but occasionally, it still hangs up, but not as often as before.  I do not
have a land-line.  Years ago, when AT&T was the sole provider of land-line
service, I suppose AT&T was responsible for maintaining the wiring harness
and ALL the wiring from the street to the apartment unit.  I presume the
local baby-bell company (AT&T [formerly SBC] in SF) still owns all that and
must maintain it.

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