[sf-lug] Meetings of January 20th and February 2nd 2014

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Feb 2 15:42:54 PST 2014

     Hi LUGgers,
         The meeting of 20 January was quite disappointing.
Besides your correspondent only Jim Stockford and Eric showed up.  Jim 
seemed to enjoy the magazines.  Eric was using his tablet and having 
connection problems.
     Jim gave myself and Eric rides onward from the meeting about 8 P.M.

     The meeting earlier today 2 February  was much more lively. I  
arrived about 1040 and no real problems with the setup of my Compaq.  
Ken Schaeffer and his wife showed up shortly, then Jim Stockford and 
after an interval Yong Ken, then Daniel then Morgan.
     Before the  later people showed up I was trying to demonstrate the 
WiFiSlax tool for checking WiFi Security.  I found lots of tools that 
would undoubtedly be useful to someone with a better understanding
of WiFi and networking.  I felt lucky to get the distro connected to the 
Cafe Enchante WiFi.    Morgan stated he has lots of knowledge of 
networking so I passed the distro to him in hope of a future report.  By 
the way a
lot of the information on this is in Spanish and it seems
to be built in Spain.  I had to use the XFCE Desktop Environment as 
neither the regular kernel of 3.6 variety or the PAE kernel allowed the 
KDE Desktop environment come up.
     Yong Ken is interested in finding work in the Linux area. He seems 
to be skilled.  He spent some time talking with Jim and Ken,
     Daniel is interested in setting up a laptop with Linux and intends 
to acquire a used laptop and I passed him a copy of Knoppix 7.20 with 
hopes he can use it to deal with his interest.
     Ken Schaeffer has installed a SSD of 60 GiB on his older laptop and 
it seems to speed-up his boot process by about 75% or more.
     Well it was a very interesting meeting and for a change Jim 
Stockford had to remind me that it was time to pack up the tools and get 
ready to leave.
     Jim gave myself and Yong Ken rides to our homes.

     Bobbie Sellers
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