[sf-lug] SF Lug meeting Sunday February 2, 2014

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Fri Jan 31 17:57:42 PST 2014

Hi LUGgers,
    Well as readers of my notices are aware I alway try  to
get the latest Linux Pro magazine for the meetings.
     I got the February 2014 issue today.
     The DVD of the Month is Mint 16 in Mate and Cinnamon flavors on a 
double sided disk running the 64 bit version.
     The articles are more interesting and they mention a
very secure new OS Qubes which should be out later this
year.  It uses a microkernel and has a limited amount of
hardware compatibility.  Since it worked on an older Mac I suspect that 
the hardware may tend toward expensive.
     Several interesting programs are discussed in detail
and a OS aimed at finding problems with WiFi security.
The name of the OS is WifiSlax based on Slackware.
I have downloaded a version 4.6-final_64 and am nearly finished putting 
it on a CD.  Hope I can demo this on
     I have also downloaded CentOS 6.5 but this is a large
distro so I am avoiding putting it on DVDs before someone speaks up and 
says they want a copy.

     Well I know the SuperBowl is on Sunday so have little hope that 
many will show up but you should be able to get in and out fast if you 
want any of the mentioned wares and let me know in advance if you want a 

     Bobbie Sellers

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