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Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 10:24:37 PST 2014

Jim --

"There's a possibility" is probably taking it too lightly. You should
say, "there's a good chance." :-)

Felton LUG would gladly provide some materials for a table, and while
I'll be at SCALE 12X, my time will be limited because I'm "working" at
the show as the publicity chairperson. I think it's a fantastic idea
to have a table there, as many of the 2,000 or so attendees at SCALE
come from Northern California.

I will post this to the Felton LUG list, and feel free to send me an
e-mail off-list with an address you'd like to use, and I'll put you on
the Felton LUG e-mail list (as an aside, we are hosting a
reorganizational meeting on Saturday). That also goes for anyone else
on the SF-LUG list who would like to keep abreast of what we're doing
in Felton.

Meanwhile, whether or not you spend time at the booth Jim is
organizing (and you should), I hope you all consider visiting SCALE
12X on Feb. 21-23 -- it's the first-of-the-year Linux/FOSS expo in
North America, and it's the largest community-run Linux/FOSS show on
the North American continent, hosting about 100 exhibitors and about
90 speakers over the three-day period.

Larry Cafiero (writing in his capacity as Felton LUG organizer and
SCALE 12X publicity chair)

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 9:58 AM, jim <jim at systemateka.com> wrote:
> Regarding
> Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)
> Friday, February 21, through Sunday, February 23
> Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel
> https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale12x
> There is a possibility that SCALE will support a general LUG
> table/booth.
> This depends on sufficient interest among the LUG community to staff the
> table/booth. I've taken on the responsibility for querying the greater
> SF bay area LUGs. The organizers say there is some interest from
> Southern California LUGs.
> The most important thing, assuming there will be such a booth, is that
> it has printed, take-away information about LUGs. I'm hoping we'll have
> a map showing locations of northern California LUGs and a companion list
> of LUG web sites.
> If you are planning to attend SCALE, please let me know if
> * you are willing to help staff a LUG booth (this entails
>   being there for a couplel of hours at a time and maybe
>   smiling and waving, perhaps explaining what LUGs are
>   about or, more likely, what your LUG is about. In Linux
>   World expos there was a regular stream of people with
>   interesting comments and queries.
> * you can provide printed information about your LUG that
>   someone can take down for the table/booth (I can drive
>   things down there).
> * you can suggest contacting some LUG or Linux-related
>   group that is not on the list of groups to which I'm
>   sending this email (see below).
> I'm hoping to be able to reply "yay" or "nay" to the SCALE organizers by
> the end of this week.
> Hopefully, wtih thanks,
> jim (member of SF-LUG and BALUG)
> List of LUGs and related groups
> BAD Bay Area Debian (SF and east bay -- I'm not subscribed to this mail
> list)
> Felton Linux Group (I'm not subscribed to this mail list)
> BerkeleyLUG,
> BUUG (berkeley)
> Conspire-LinuxMafia (peninsula),
> DVLUG (Walnut Creek-Concord),
> LinuxChix,
> LUGOD (Davis),
> NBLUG (Sebastapol),
> OpenHatch,
> OLPC-SF (One Laptop Per Child SF),
> SVLUG (peninsula),
> bayPIGgies,
> py4science
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