[sf-lug] Hope for your project

Brian Wood woodbrian77 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 12:22:38 PST 2013

  In June I wrote:

> Is your C++ project on the ropes?  I'm willing to donate 15 hours
> a week for up to six months on a project that uses the C++
> Middleware Writer (CMW).  The CMW is an on line code
> generator that writes low-level C++ marshalling code based on
> high-level user input.  The CMW is an increasingly robust producer
> of concrete code.

In addition to the above offer, I'll give $500 cash and a $1,000
investment in my company for help finding someone interested
in this.  I'll pay the cash part after working with the person or
team for four months.  The company rewards investments to 3
times their original amount, so the investment will result in
between $0 and $3,000, depending on how things go for the

Ebenezer Enterprises - In G-d we trust.
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