[sf-lug] computer seems to be running OK

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sat Dec 7 18:09:48 PST 2013

Hi LUGgers,
     This is a follow up to previous posts where I was having a lot of 
trouble with various
tools after an update on Friday the 29th of November.  Was not able to 
get the computer working
much until about the evening of December 1 and left it running in order 
to continue using it.
I finally shut it down with a logout and it would not return to the 
  I restarted the computer and it still would not return to the desktop.
     I installed the PCLinux OS of 2013.12 this afternoon and it seems 
to be Ok,
     I am able to access the editors without the use of a terminal from 
which to detach them.
and have managed to get the most important configuration items moved over.
     Since starting I have logged out then was able to log back in.
     I put it to hibernate and when I hit the power button it got back 
to the desktop.

     Hurah! Huzah! Banzai!
     Bobbie Sellers.
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