[sf-lug] Linux Format has forked -- introducing Linux Voice!

jim jim at well.com
Sat Nov 30 17:54:13 PST 2013

I'm writing to let you know that the editorial team behind Linux Format
has quit, and is in the process of launching a rival Linux magazine
called Linux Voice.


Linux Voice will cover most of the same content as Linux Format, with
many of the same writers, but it will be different in three key areas:

1/ We'll give 50% of our profits back to community groups and
organisations supporting free software. Admittedly our profits won't be
massive at first, but if we achieve even half the success that Linux
Format did (and maybe we will after a couple of years) we'll be able to
contribute quite a bit of cash.

2/ After no longer than 9 months, we'll relicense old content under the
Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence, so teachers, LUGs, students and
anybody else can take, copy and improve upon our work for their own

3/ We won't be owned by a bunch of hedge funds, like Linux Format is
, so we'll be free from corporate interference. Free to do the best job
we possibly can.

shows what we're up to.


Andrew Gregory,
Linux Voice 

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