[sf-lug] Meeting on Monday November 18, 2013

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Nov 20 21:52:55 PST 2013

Hi LUGgers,

     5:50 PM arrived at the Cafe Enchanter where Ben was waiting.
     He was the only other person to show up for this meeting.
     He asked about putting Knoppix or other distributions on
Flash Drive and I showed him the utility that comes with Knoppix
after booting up Knoppix KDE 7.20 via USB Flash Drive made with
that same utility.  He thought or joked that I had a broken screen
as that was the default background image.   I showed him how
the background is changed and using the tool opened up my own
home directories though the route was circuitous as the labels for
the PCLOS were not read by the Knoppix and had to be picked from
various disks, none of which seemed the right size but eventually
I got to " /" and was able to find "/home/bliss/pictures/" and load up
one of the shots done by a gardener friend.   Interesting to see
if that change was saved back automatically to the Flash Drive
configuration partition?
               By 7:30 Ban decided to leave.  And I myself left by 7:55 to
ride a #38 back to downtown.

     I tried the Knoppix Flash Drive today and it failed to put up the
background previously chosen  so there are limits on what it can save.
or how well it can orient itself even booting on the same machine.
     While I had Knoppix running at home tried to connect it to the WiFi
of the router I commonly use and found that despite it wide variety of 
and the great ability to mount any drive it finds, it was very difficult 
to connect
and am pretty sure it never did.  So that is way off from the facilities 
users of the Mandriva-forked distributions which generally connect with few
quibbles.  I had gotten it connected to the Cafe Enchante WiFi without much
of a problem.

     Well I will notice the next meeting, on December 1st, on next 
Monday and
I hope to see a few more of you there that Sunday, then.

     Bobbie Sellers

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