[sf-lug] Meeting of Today, Sunday 3 November 2013..

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Nov 3 14:31:17 PST 2013

     I arrived about 10:35 AM.  John S. was waiting with his iPad.
     After 11 Ken and wife showed up.  Jim came in about by 1030.
     I ran Kali Linux which used to be BackTrack and it is a
security disto or spin with loads of tool and Fedora 19 which is
labeled a security spin as well,  both from the latest Linux
Pro magazine #156 from Fog City News.  Both these security
distros, or spins are loaded with tools to check your systems integrity.
I don't know how to best use most of them but a command, lynis
furnishes more information than I can deal with about every aspect
  of the hardware and the network connections.
     Fedora 19 did not seem as stable as Kali as it let the task bar icons
disappear.  Both are running very  late versions of LXDE.  Both are full
of useful tools if you have any cause to worry about your systems
integrity.  This includes tools that look for hardware hacking and root
kits to list a few.  There  are tools to do analyis of code.
     The Linux Pro magazine included an article on using Android
to do office work.   From hints there I got 6 of the listed tools and
finally have a better text editor.  That inspired me to search for a
sequential image viewing tool which I found after a couple of bad
lead Pview for Perfect View was the one I settled on.

     Jim brought along his new computer and Ken  demoed
Ubuntu  13.04 on a USB Flash Drive.  Boot speed was much faster than
my DVDs and only down a bit from the native installation,

     Ken used lots of information commands to dig out details of
the computer.
     John besides his iPad brought a lot of older power cables and
adapters, 9-25 pin serial, USB to PC2 mouse and keyboard and lots
of telephone extension cables.  Jim took charge of them for further
distribution.  Jason called after the meeting and had not been able
to catch a bus to the location.
     At 1300 we packed up and left, Jim giving me a ride back to
my neighborhood and waiting until I was in the door.

     Thanks for your attention and I hope some more of us can make it
to the next meeting on November 18th.

     Bobbie Sellers

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